Potty poems, toilet poetry, washroom rhymes, funny urinal ditties, farting comedy text and humorous crapper lyrics like roses are red for example.


Potty Poems and Toilets Poetry

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  1. Pumpkin pie
    - A short potty poem on the run(s)
  2. Men's signs restroomalans
    - The signs are there, funny washrooms rhyme.
  3. Several roses are red poems
    - Short restrooms ditties and washrooms rhymes. The list will keep growing. (12 so far - 1 submitted)
  4. A fart
    - Borrowed poetry, professionally written probably.
  5. Ode to a toilet
    - A short potty poem that purges the soul.
  6. Anatomy
    - Short funny toilets poetry about log-istics.
  7. My favorite place
    - Time well wasted on this potty poems humor.
  8. Coin operated
    - The perils of pay toilets poetry.
  9. Beans
    - Classic health potty poems.
  10. Drunken whizzer
    - A word of caution when whizzing.
  11. Soup
    - One of the funniest classic washrooms rhymes.
  12. I am woman
    - Female problem funny toilets poetry.
  13. Sick of the crap
    - Tired of the same old writings on the wall?
  14. Gas station poem
    - A real stinker of a gas station attendant playing a joke.
  15. Too long on the toilet
    - The perils of too much toilet time.