Funny links, humor websites and comedy pages like See It Or Not, Ruling Cats and Dogs or Star Warped at Porcelain Poetry.










Road Performance Muscle Cars
-Lots of muscle car stuff, car comedy, high quality muscle car wallpapera and screensavers and a working car stereo, at R.P.M.
Ruling Cats and Dogs
-A few cats and dogs have taken over a website, and are showing humans how to really take care of them. Lots of pets comedy, pet wallpapers, information, games, etc. etc. etc.
See It Or Not
-Crashes and comedy pictures. You can ooh and awe, at the crashes, and then you can hoo and ha and the comedy. It helps to break up the tension of crashes.
The World of Mark Edgemon - Check out a couple of flatulent audio clips and a few others too.
World of Wallpapers
-Fantasy, bikini, comedy wallpapers, and several more categories of wallpapers in 1024x768 and 800x600 sizes.

Star Warped
-Let this farce be with you. All kinds of Star Wars comedy, desktop stuff, and blow away animation, literally.

Canadian Beauts
-Oh say can you see----all the Canadian comedy, beer stuff and a tour of the most beautiful scenery in Canada.
Email Goodies
-All the funniest email gags and pictures. Collect everything from insulting pics to the best priceless photos, slide shows and text jokes. You can be the email king.
Star Wrecked
-Original Star Trek comedy, fun bios, funny audio clips, high quality wallpapers, screensavers, lots of trivia including the largest celebrity guest star database and astronomically more.
Tons Of Laughs
-All comedy, all the time, with lots of laughs for you and your kind.
Bumper stickers for your toilet seat - Check 'em out!