Bathroom humor programs, funny farting games, humorous flash movies, potty comedy downloads and toilet jokes that play on desktops.


Bathroom Humor Programs and Funny Farting Games

  Download these programs onto your hard drive, and double click on them. That's it, enjoy, and if you want, delete the program after.

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  1. Pick the Urinal -Bathroom humor program for guys
    Program (313 kb)
  2. Fartmatic-Farting sounds and potty animations
    Flash Game (362 kb)
  3. Santa Gas -Bodily noises from Santa. Plays on desktops.
    Program (256 kb)
  4. Fart Machine - Lots of  farting sounds to be had.
    Program (2,171 kb)
  5. Fart Study- Funny farting with a biography on each one.
    Power Point slide show (206 kb)
  6. Fart Ball - An old couple plays fart ball in bed.
    Flash Movie (569 kb)
  7. Piss Your Name - A borrowed Flash game that lets you piss your name in the snow. Embedded on a seperate page.
    * If you can't clean the snow with their link, just refresh the page.

  This page has potty comedy downloads. I virus scanned all these files, but I can't guarantee that any of them don't contain viruses.

  If you have any potty comedy that you would like to donate to a flatulent cause, please feel free to hit the email button and send away. I only ask that you keep it under 2 megabytes each if you can. If you want me to say where I got your copyrighted stuff from, just let me know, otherwise I don't publish any information.